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Vaseline has been branching out in the last few years. If you’re thinking of a big tub of petroleum jelly, expand your mind.  In the UK, they have recently introduced a Cocoa Butter line featuring body and lip products, which has already brought them success across the pond. I was contacted by a rep for the company for my thoughts on some of the new products in their line. (I didn’t even know that they had a cocoa butter range because I normally use a shea butter mixture for both my hair and body. So you’ll never find me in the lotion aisle :o).

I reviewed four products, which I have split into two reviews. This post is dedicated to my experiences with the body gel and lotion.


Cocoa Butter Vitalising Gel Body Oil (£4.90, 200ml)

I am a definite fan of this oil-in gel formula. Back in the States I used Nutrogena’s Body Oil, liking the lightness and fragrance. But it was best used before toweling off, and I couldn’t consistently remember to do that. It just sat there wasting my money. Well, I can apply the Cocoa butter vitalising gel before or after towelling off and it’s not as runny. Here’s my take on this moisturiser:


  • Not as messy as pure oils. Gel formula means the product is more viscous and more contained.
  • Really easy to apply, without much effort or much product. An amount the size of a 5p/US dime was enough to do my entire thigh and calf. I don’t have skinny legs.
  • Filled with almond and Brazilian nut oils which contain plenty of nutrients for the skin, including vitamins E and D. Some of the benefits of those oils include: soothing chapped skin and rashes; improving complexion and glow; as well as relieving dry and itchy skin.
  • The smell is light, fragrant and definitely not overwhelming. My partner hates strong smells, but loved how the vitalising gel body oil smells.
  • The oil gives a nice sheen to the body, so it’s perfect for showing  more skin in the summer months (weeks if you’re in England).


  • It  may be a bit greasy for some, especially if you use too much. If you go a bit too wild with the application, just use a towel to remove the excess.


  • It is NOT a cocoa butter gel. In this formula, cocoa butter is used as a fragrance. The first ingredient is paraffin liquidum (mineral oil).  The debate on mineral oil is growing more nuanced.  According to The Beauty Brains: “Mineral oil works as a barrier between the skin and the air. It acts as an occlusive agent which prevents water from naturally leaving your body through your skin. It will not dry out your skin or cause premature aging. Quite the contrary. It will provide moisturization.” Mineral oil is actually natural and does not undergo a chemical process before it reaches our cosmetic products.”  SIDENOTE: I’ve also read information from trichologists (hair scientists) whose research indicates that on the hair shaft,  mineral oil acts as a more effective barrier against humidity. So, it looks like the debate has reached a moot point, so do some research for yourself.


Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioner (£3.50, 200ml)

  • Unlike the vitalising gel you have to read the smaller print because at first glance, this could be a hair conditioner. Who knows, right?! Vaseline is branching out. But no, it’s a deep conditioner for your body—otherwise known as lotion.
  • Thinner consistency and absorbs quickly. Good for people with marginally dry skin; those who live in humid climates; or those who don’t like heavy butters or the oily consistency of gel.
  • Smell may be suitable for even some men to wear, as it dissipates a bit after application. Any heterosexual guy who’s not afraid to get his unibrow waxed in the middle of Selfridge’s beauty hall will have no problems using Vaseline’s Coco Butter Deep Conditioner.
  • Great for mixing with loose bronzing powder for shimmery glowing skin (upcoming post)


  • May not be enough in colder months for those with really dry skin. I get extreme tightness in my skin in the winter time (body only. Face is still a grease ball). My back , especially, can get painful and feel like my skin is tearing if not properly moisturised. I will do a follow-up post later in the year to let you know how I get on.
My pick? The Vitalising  Gel Body Oil. I really like the formula and fragrance. It’s grown up baby oil gel that smells wonderful and is really easy to use. Just be careful with how much you use! The Vaseline Cocoa Butter body range is now on offer on Boots.com.
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